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Harmony in the Japanese garden
The variety of trees, plants and shrubs we see in the Japanese garden is most of the time limited. Quite often we see a Japanese garden design composed with only a few different plant species and tree families. Most of the time this limited selection of plants and trees does not hurt the overall scene. To the contrary, smaller number of colors and textures unifies the palette of color and can create the typical harmony in the Japanese garden. The key to a great Japanese garden lies in the design and the combination of flowers, plants and trees the Japanese gardener had in mind when building the garden instead of the variety. Pruning and garden layout are generally considered far more important than plant selection.

Evergreens and flowers
The majority of plants used in the Japanese garden are evergreen trees, shrubs and plants. The reason for this choice for evergreen foliage lies in the the goal to create garden that is beautiful all year around. Most of the evergreen shrubs are taxus trees, clipped in round shapes to mimick far away hills. While Japanese gardens are not known for their flowers, they do use flowering trees and shrubs. Azaleas or rhododendron in particular, are common and seen in nearly every garden in Japan. Also one of the most beautiful flowers is the Wisteria floribunda. This is a flowering plant in the pea family Fabaceae and native to Japan. Growing to 9 m, it is a woody, deciduous twining climber.

Some, but not all, Japanese gardens display plants that may feel somewhat exotic to Westerners. These would include bamboo, moss, and carefully-pruned pine trees. All together, a wide variety of choices for the gardener to "paint" the garden with. Below is a list of trees used in the Japanese garden

Essential Japanese trees
- Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum) The most classic of all
- Black Pine (Pinus thunbergii) Classic dramatic pine tree
- White Pine (Pinus parviflora) Classic cloud shaped prunned
- Plum Yew (Cephalotaxus) Perfect tree for shady area
- Hinoki Cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa) Wonderful evergreen
- Camellia (Camellia Japonica) Glossy foliage, great flowers
- Cherry tree (Cornus Mas) White or pink blossom, great fragrance

Essential Japanese shrubs
- Japanese Satsuki (Rhododendron) Red, pink, yellow, white blossom
- Hydrangea (Hydrangea) Blue, pink, and white depending on soil
- Enkianthus campanulatus (Furin Tsutsuji) Fire red in authumn
- Ilex Crenata (Aquifoliaceae) Evergreen often clipped in bowls

Essential Japanese flowers and ground covers
- Iris (Iris) Blue, purple, white, yellow, pink, orange variety
- Lotus (Nucifera, Lutea) Blue, purple, white, pink variety
- Wisteria (Wisteria Sinensis) Bluish purple, lavender, or mauve
- Ophiopogon (Ophiopogon japonicus) Year round evergreen grass
- Leptinella Platt's Black' (Asteraceae) moss replacement
- Hakonechloa (Hakonechloa macra) Gorgeous shade-loving grass
- Japanese Peonies (Paeonia suffruticosa) Showy, ornamental flowers
- Bracken (Pteridium aquilinum) Astounding array of fern species
- Pachysandra terminalis (Japanese Spurge) Ground cover for shady area

Japanese plants and trees for sale
We would be happy to invite you to our Japanese garden center. We have a wide range of original, authentic Japanese ornaments, rocks, stones, decoration, plants and trees for your Japanese garden project on stock. Our Japanese garden center is unique in Europe and is the perfect stop to buy your Japanese plants and trees and garden ornaments. Contact us today for an appointment.

Yokoso Service
Yokoso Japanese Gardens can assist you in choosing the right trees and plants for your Japanese garden. Most of our trees, taxus and azaleas are directly imported from Japan ensuring the very best quality and value for your money. Please use our contact form. Provide a clear description of the desired product and a reference to a picture on the internet and we will try to find the product for you.


Japanische Dekoration - Verwandt

Japanische Steinpagode
Japanische Pagode

Die Pagode ist eigentlich ein Tempel, der seinen Ursprung im buddhistischen Asien hat und ein typisches Beispiel für die Architektur ist, die wir in China, Thailand und Japan finden...

Japanischer Stukubai
Japanischer Stukubai

Selbst wenn Sie noch nie in Japan waren, müssen Sie Bilder von Tsukubai und Tetsubachi gesehen haben. Die Wasserbecken, gehauen aus einem rauen Stein...

Japanische Steinbrücke
Japanische Brücke

In jedem japanischen Garten finden sich Elemente wie Stein und Granit, die sich direkt auf die Natur beziehen. In größeren Flaniergärten und der japanischen Landschaft...

Japanische Sprungbretter
Japanischer Trittstein

In japanischen Gärten finden wir oft alte, wiedergewonnene, Granit- und Steinmaterialien. Vor allem Granit- und Steinornamente sind perfekt geeignet, um...


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